Dine Connect’s Schedule2JE
Create dynamic professional Accounting Schedules for every need and turn them into journal entries in Restaurant365 instantaneously.

Why Dine Connect Schedule2JE:

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Why People Love Schedule2JE

S2JE allows us to work smarter, not harder. It eliminates tedious data entry and frees time for other tasks.
Andrea Gaty
Andrea Gaty
Account Controller, Dine Technology
S2JE is a life saver. It allows me to save hours of work by automating simple tasks and eliminating the need of manual calculations across multiple spreadsheets.
Sara Desouki-Sholle
Sara Desouki-Sholle
Accounting Manager, Dine Technology
S2JE simplifies restaurant accounting. When the business throws you a curve…… and it will, S2JE adapts easily.
Guy Stanton
Guy Stanton
VP of Accounting, Dine Technology
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